Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ballet Skirt

The first item in my repurpose box to have a make over is a skirt my mum bought me from the Next sale for £5 . . .

At first I loved it because it was floaty and elegant. However, when I got it home I realised it looked terrible on!

The way the netting stuck out at the hips made me look out of proportion and bigger than I am so it lived in my wardrobe, untouched, for around 4 months . . . until I decided to repurpose it!

I noticed that the under skirt was actually really nice on its own and well made (I guess these are the details you pay for in a place like Next).

So I cut all the netting off to reveal a great skirt underneath. It was actually quite tricky and I cut the underskirt a couple of times but nothing a few stitches couldn't fix.

I was left with a skirt I can wear all the time :)


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  1. I definitely prefer it without the tulle/top layer and with a belt- great work!


  2. me too!love it!with the tulle it added extra (no neded )bulky-nes.:)

  3. The after is so much better. i dont know why even I have problems with skirts and their fits. I love flouncy skirts but I'm on the plump side so guess that's why it doesnt fit me well. Well done! :)

  4. Love the after! It is SO much more flattering! Any ideas of what you'll do with the netting? :-)