Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bunting Bunting Bunting!

Bunting, bunting, bunting . . . if you say the word too many times it loses all meaning!

So I know I haven't posted anything new in a while and that's because I've gone bunting crazy!!

I made this bunting last week planning to post a tutorial. I loved the finished product so much and at risk of sounding big headed thought it was good enough to sell, so that's what I've been trying to do. I made a few more samples and on Tuesday visited every craftly, gifty or boutique shop in Hereford (there are alot!) The first shop loved it and ordered six pieces so I was on a real high but unfortunately nowhere else ordered any :( However they all said they liked it and a couple of places wanted my card so that if anyone asked about bunting they could give them my details. That was excited, apart from the fact that I don't have a card. Also alot of places asked if I have a website, which I did't (apart from this but that wouldn't really be helpful when trying to sell bunting!)

So anywho, to cut a long story short, I've been setting up an etsy shop, ordering business cards and saying the word 'bunting' a ridiculous amount of times!

I need to make five more pieces of bunting by Monday (working all day Friday and visiting my Mum for her birthday all day Sunday!!) so won't be able to post the tutorial until next Tuesday, then normal service will be resumed!

In the mean time please have a look at my etsy shop . . .

And vote for me on the fence (it only takes one click)



  1. Such a cute bunting!!!!! YAY for selling some!! I'm sure you'll get news from the other shops soon :)

    Have a GREAT weekend!!